Personal Background

Go Green Design’s Founding Director, Kristian Hetyey, is a certified Home Sustainability Assessor and green building consultant who has been working and advising in the field for more than five years and actively researching and training for 10 years. He combines his architectural and landscape design expertise with practical construction experience in order to provide a fully integrated and holistic range of services.



  • Extensive studies in Architecture and Green Building Design (including 3 years towards a Masters of Architecture at RMIT University, Melbourne)
  • Qualifications in Building and Construction and Business Management
  • Accredited Member and Assessor of the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors (ABSA)
  • Contracted Consultant to the Home Sustainability Assessment Scheme (HSAS) administered by the Australian Government.

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“Green Building Design has the potential to profoundly improve our quality of life, enhance our understanding of, and impact on, the environment, and build a brighter future for ourselves and following generations.”

Kristian Hetyey – Founding Director, Go Green Design