What Do We Do?

  • Go Green Design provides comprehensive environmentally sustainable building and landscape consulting services.
  • We offer the opportunity to design, build, renovate, retrofit or landscape your property using established green design principles.


Australia’s Housing Challenge

  • Australia is a country of extreme climatic conditions, yet the majority of Australian housing works against the climate rather than in conjunction with it.
  • Most homes are poorly designed and planned, unnecessarily expensive to run, and energy and water inefficient.

Cost savings

  • Enjoy improved levels of building occupant comfort
  • Save money and reap the long-term benefits of ongoing savings
  • Make a green, cost-effective investment and potentially increase the capital value of your home
  • Inspire others and be a role model for your street and community
  • Minimize your environmental footprint and reduce greenhouse gases
  • Increase household self-sufficiency
  • Enhance your family’s health and well-being
  • Optimize lifestyle without damaging the planet

Solution: Green Design

  • Households are often overwhelmed by an almost infinite range of confusing options advising the ‘best’ ways to save energy and water in the home.
  • Smart green building and ecologically sustainable design is complex, and usually requires specialist expert advice in order to achieve the best possible outcome for each project, as every home is unique.
  • We simplify the process by providing a personalized, integrated package of optimal solutions.

Green Design Principles

Go Green Design addresses 5 key areas:

  • Thermal performance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water efficiency
  • Material selection and healthy buildings
  • Landscape and sustainable communities.

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Environmentally Sustainable Design –
It’s a Process

  • Environmentally sustainable design involves a process of incremental improvements to your home – every change you implement is a positive step forward in the right direction.
  • Households are often genuinely surprised by how cost-effective the majority of solutions can be, as well as how simple they are to implement.

Company History

  • Go Green Design’s founding director, Kristian Hetyey, is a certified home sustainability assessor who has been working and consulting in green building development for over five years and actively researching and training in the field for 10 years.
  • Go Green Design is at the frontline of the sustainability movement and has fostered a pioneering interest in the promotion of renewable energy and sustainable habitation concepts.

The Future Direction of Go Green Design

  • There is a recognized need for ecologically sustainable property development throughout Australia – in line with current Federal, State and Local Government policy and direction.
  • The challenge is to create improved quality of living and housing affordability, whilst minimizing adverse environmental impact from the residential housing sector.
  • Go Green Design remains totally committed to creating enhanced lifestyle housing solutions in accordance with environmentally friendly principles and protocols.

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